‘Baana’– an ethnic attire adorned by the women, rich culture and the stories of the pre-Independence era by my grandfather has always fascinated and attracted me towards my roots i.e. Punjab, which now lies in Pakistan.

The inception of the brand and its story dates back to the time when an inner spiritual call to revisit my roots was awakened by a wedding invitation from a friend. The next thing I could recall was how we snaked our way through the lanes of Nankana Sahib. Walking down the memory lane along with my teary-eyed grandfather, who was finally showing us his homeland through his eyes, where every turn was guided and every nook was reminisced about, since he grew up there.

During my sojourn in Pakistan, I was hit with the following realizations: My grandfather has an eidetic memory, their unprecedented hospitality has a charming quality to it and the fashion or the Baana that are adorned by the women are simply exquisite, regal and designed with an unadulterated expression. By the end of the wedding, I ended up falling in love with the design sensibility of the beautiful outfits that added a charming vintage glamour. My imagination was ignited and that was when Baana was conceived.

‘Baana’ is a Punjabi word which derives its existence from Gurmukhi, meaning an ethnic, royal and spiritual attire. Baana is an Indian label that intends to give a new lease of life to the designs that originated in Pakistan and is aching to make an appearance on the forefront of global ethnic fashion. It was born out of shared love for ethnic fashion, culture, craft and artisanal techniques. Our simple manifesto is to bring an empire of Pakistani designers and their original designs under the same roof so that anyone in an eternal love affair with ethnic gets to own these unique creations. These designers have left an indelible mark in the world of fashion across the globe and many have showcased their collection at prestigious fashion weeks in the international circuits. The idea is to bring their rich celebrated collections to people who harbour a special love for