Crystal Maiden


Introducing the CRYSTAL MAIDEN – a stunning combination of elegance, femininity, and graceful beauty. Exuding the aura of the angelic Madonna lilies, this ensemble symbolizes purity and rebirth. Crafted with the highest quality jacquard with incredible gorgeous floral embroideries. This exquisite ensemble is sure to captivate and add a touch of class to any event. With its stunning details and intricate craftsmanship. CRYSTAL MAIDEN is a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe.

Product Description:

Self-Jacquard with Embroidered Shirt Front (Lawn) 1.2 Meters
Self-Jacquard Shirt Back (Lawn) 1.2 Meters
Embroidered Border For Shirt Front (Organza) 0.6 Meters
Embroidered Border For Shirt Back (Organza) 0.6 Meters
Self-Jacquard Embroidered Sleeves (Lawn) 0.5×2 Meters
Embroidered Border For Sleeves (Organza) 0.5×2 Meters
Jacquard Self-Embroidered Dupatta (Organza) 1.8 Meters
Embroidered Border For Dupatta (Organza) 0.3×2 Meters
Dyed Trouser (lawn) 2 Meters

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