Monsoon Blooms


Monsoon Blooms. Some flowers like the Bougainvillea or the Golden Shower bloom in the peak of summer. While the tops of most plants will be burning under Lahore’s scorching sun, these delicate to touch but wonderfully vibrant flowers will be pushing their way through buds, almost as a reminder to us to persevere even in adverse circumstances. But then comes the Monsoon and all our thirsty trees start dancing with joy. They are happy, satiated and bloom at their brightest. Monsoon Blooms is reminiscent of our gorgeous summer flowers at their best – inspiring, serene, cheerful and timeless. Monsoon Blooms features a fully embroidered floral composition set in a detailed cut out hole pattern. The neckline is entirely handworked on the ada and the daman and sleeves are finished with crystal studded laces. The pant is hemmed with hand frayed edges and lace. The woven net dupatta is flanked on both sides by impressive floral embroidered borders and finished with rounded lace pallus.

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